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New blog....

Welcome to my new blog and I hope you enjoy the content and that you are coming back soon to check for updates.


I’ve just returned from Poland to capture the wonderful sea eagle in all its glory. Together with Rene Visser we drove more than a thousand kilometres to our destination in central Poland. Our host and local guide was Marcin Nawrocki. He has been feeding the eagles for a couple of years now and although I’ve seen eagles before, I have never seen so many birds at one place. One day we counted no less than 24 eagles feeding in front of our hide and two weeks earlier there were no less than 34!! We had an amazing time in and outside the hide. Our accommodation was perfect and the food was excellent. We were hoping for snow and although we got some, it was not for long unfortunately. But….I managed to get some decent stuff within the 10 minutes of snow we had all week.



The eagles we saw were mainly youngsters and sub-adults but the all looked perfectly healthy and Marcin is only feeding them from October till March. During spring and summer the eagles feed along the river not far from the hides. For this trip I rented a Nikon 400/2.8 lens and it served me well. What a cracking lens this is. Very fast and sharp. The extra stop of light over my 500 lens was very useful and even at f/2.8 I managed to get both birds in perfect focus. I always shoot wide open to get the fastest shutter speed I can and at the same time a nice shallow depth of field to get the background out of focus.



We had two lens holes available but after trying both on the first day it seemed the lowest lens hole was perfect and the eye level point of view gave us a nice setting and background. Just my neck was a little bit sore but hey……





Off to Norway and Finland in a few days with Nature’s Images and I hope you will return to read a new blog post and to check out the images. See you all soon!!!